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About Us

It's a pleasure to meet you. Casa da Vó (Grandmas House), this was the first name that we thought about giving to our new venture. Yes, at our 70+ we are undertaking. It's scary, but at the same time, an amazing adventure.

Pousada Villa Verano.jpg

Hello! Be welcome!


Civil engineer and decorator, we spent our life undertaking in São Paulo;
But life is full of surprises and, in a twist, Paraty embraced us and here we are.
Passionate about life and people, we are always receiving visits from friends, neighbours and family at our home.  And now, it's time to welcome you.
Our arms are wide open to meet you, listen and tell stories, taking a coffee, a tea or a local cachaça.
To the wind of an inviting breeze, cherishing a pink sunset reflected on a turquoise blue sea relieving every kind of thoughts.
Here's to you our invitation.
Come and spend some days at the coziness of Grandmas house, at Villa Verano Inn!

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