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Meet Villa Verano Inn and feel the pleasure of hosting here

Our story begins at Portal das Artes, until our inn, Villa Verano would move to Caborê. And you may ask, why Caborê? Next to the Historical Downtown, it's a place that amazes by the coconut tree galleries and a more modern aspect, circumvented by the Perequê River. Bringing a whole contrast to the colonial beauty of the Historical Downtown. Paraty in its multiple ways shows us its beauties.
Our restrooms are equipped with pressurized showers and six triple suites with a pair of doors straightly linked to the garden and split air conditioner. We also have cable TV, fridge, pool and a gazebo so you can just relax and maybe plan your next adventures in this city that definitely doesn't lack history and natural exuberance.

Our inn is supplied with power generators, namely, we don't have issues with lack of energy. We also have indoor and outdoor parking lots. Another important thing is that all the surroundings of the inn are sterilized against viruses, bacteria, fungus, etc, through our UV-C, a high technology electronic gadget Sterbox. We are the only inn in Paraty that is totally sterilized.                         

Of course that with all this structure that we provide, we couldn't forget to invite you to meet Villa Verano and get to know our new space, with all the comfort you deserve. Paraty is a city that deserves to be lived in the best way possible and for that to happen, our arms are open and looking forward for your arrival!!!!!

Our accommodations

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